Professional Indemnity Insurance – A Necessity for Architects

Architects are professionals who have studied and practiced in the art, craft, and trade of planning, designing, and making of structures like homes, buildings, and other structural facilities.  Even though architects are professionals, it can be said that they are also humans which means that may make mistakes in their profession once in a while.  Although it is expected of them to make the necessary right decisions, some mistakes can be unavoidable.  Complex computations are sometimes required to affix certain requests and limitations.  Sadly, taking things to the limit sometimes results in flaws, defects, and catastrophic failures.

Architects design and create building and other structures.  If there are any mistakes made within their designs, the damage that results from these can cost the client thousands, if not millions.  Without any insurance, architects will not be able the pay for claims made by their clients.  However, if an architect is covered by insurance, they are able to work stress-free and be more confident in what they are doing without having to worry about failure.  While failure is still something they should avoid, they no longer need to play safest as they can extend certain aspects and limitations within their designs.ProLiability

Professional indemnity insurance is a must for architects because this provides them the necessary protection coverage.  If they get sued for any faults or mistakes within the services they have provided, the insurance company will be one who will cover the expenses of the legal proceedings.  This essentially gives the architect peace of mind as they know they are protected by professional indemnity insurance.

Although most other professions are not required to have professional indemnity insurance, architects are however mandated and required to have this type of insurance protection.  Since the overall profession of an architect involves designing structures that needs to be structurally sound, any fault or mistake made by them can lead to serious structural faults.  The liabilities of architects are usually far more than other professions, which is why they are required by law to possess professional indemnity insurance.  In fact, clients of architects should look for this particular insurance with the architect they hire.  While professional indemnity insurance serves as a protection for architects, it however serves as reassurance for their clients.

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